Create a Report for a Client

How to create a List for clients, how to share your Lists, and how to export a PDF of your Lists.

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Next, Navigate to the Library page from the navigation bar on the left. In your Library, your Lists, or Reports, are saved. You can also create folders in your library to organize your lists.

To create a List, click the "create new" button, and click "Bill List". Name your List and click Create.

You will be redirected to your new list. Here, you can edit the title and add a description. You can also upload a logo and attach files to the top of your list.

To add bills to your list, click “Add Section." Once we’ve created our section, we can rename it to represent the bills that will be shown. Next, we can click Edit Settings to add bills to our section.

In the Edit Settings panel, you can choose the bills that appear in your list based on keywords, filters, and more. In this example, let’s create a section for bills tagged for a client. Open the tags filter, and select a client. Then click save. Only bills that have been tagged for that client will be shown.

You can also organize your Section by adjusting additional tags, such as position. To do so, click Edit Settings, click on the "Tags" dropdown menu, and select "Position". Then, click save. All of the bills you've tagged for your client will be organized under each position.

Once your List is ready to be shared, there are two ways to share it. First, you can click on the PDF Export button to download your List as a PDF.

Before you export your Bill List, be sure to create a template (or edit the default template) to suit your needs. Use the six dots to the left of each piece of bill information to drag into "Include" or "Don't Include." You can also upload a personalized header and adjust the appearance of your report. When you're finished, click Save and export.

Additionally, you can share your list through a live link, a safe, view-only version of your List that gets updated in real time.

By default, your Lists are private to your workspace. To share your list, click Share in the top right corner of your screen, click the dropdown menu, and select Shared. A live link for your List will be generated, which you can copy by clicking on the "Copy Link" button. You can then paste and share this link with anyone. This link will show your List in View-only mode. This link is both mobile and tablet friendly.

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