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Abstract's tagging system is a core component that you can leverage to cut through all the day's new bills and share with your clients, executives, or stakeholders only what they need. Here you will learn about setting up your tagging system and using it to track any bill that comes out of the legislature.

Abstract Tagging System

The naming for Abstract's tagging system, using the image above as reference, is as follows:

  • "Subject" is a Tag Title

  • "healthcare" is a Tag

  • The Tag Title and all of its Tags are known as a Tag Group

Creating & Editing Tags

You may create and edit all of the tags in your workspace by clicking on the gear icon, as seen in the top right corner of the section pictured above. Clicking on this icon will display your workspace's tag settings.

Tag Settings Window

In this window, you are able to perform multiple actions:

  • Creating a new Tag Group

    • Click on "Create Tag Group" and enter your Tag Title (i.e. clients) in the empty row.

    • Tag groups will be displayed on every bill.

  • Creating a Tag in an existing Tag Group

    • In the box the right of the Tag Titles, you may enter your tag values. Once you are done, hit Enter and the Tag will be displayed in color. You may create as many Tags you choose under any number of Tag Titles.

  • Deleting a Tag Group

    • To delete a Tag Group, click on the 'x' in the red circle to the right of your Tag Group, and enter the name of your Tag Title in the confirmation modal, after which the 'delete' button will become clickable. Make sure to save your settings to fully delete the Title.

  • Deleting a Tag

    • To delete a Tag in a Tag Group, click on the gray 'x' to the left of the Tag of your choosing, and enter its name into the confirmation modal. Make sure to save your settings to ensure that the Tag is fully deleted.

Note: Deleting Tags or Tag Groups will permanently remove the component from all bills and sections in your workspace.

Applying Tags to a Bill

Upon opening any bill page, navigate to the tag section at the top right corner of the page. To add a tag to a bill, type the desired tag into the box to the right of the relevant tag title. As you type in this box, Abstract will offer tag suggestions based on the tags that you have set up, simply click on the tag you'd like to apply.

Applying a Tag

You may apply as many tags to a bill as you'd like, then use these tags to filter for bills using the Tags Filter.

How to Display your Tags in a Bill List (or Report)

Abstract's tags are completely customizable. You can decide whether you'd like to keep them internal, or share tags with people outside of your workspace via report or Live Link.

To get started, first select your Bill List.

In your Bill List, click the purple "0 Tags Selected" button, shown below.

Check the boxes next to the Tag Titles you'd like displayed in your Bill List.

Refresh the page to see your Tags displayed in the right-hand column of your List. From here, you can easily add or delete tags from bills in your List.

You can choose to include or disinclude Tags in your export as well. To do so, first click Export, the purple button in the top-right corner of your List. Select "Add New Template," and under "Bill Information," you will find Tags.

To remove Tags from your Report, simply click on the six grey dots to the left of Tags, and drag Tags into "Don't Include." This will ensure that your Tags stay internal-only.

Have any questions? Reach out to Support using the Chat button in your Abstract workspace.

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