Tag Bills for Clients, Issues, and Positions

Categorize bills your way

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In this tutorial, we will cover how to create tags for your clients, issues, and positions. Then, we will cover how you can search for bills using those tags.

First, navigate to the search page and click on any bill. Here, on the top right hand side of the bill page, is where you can find your tags.

Let’s create our first tag by clicking on the settings button, which is the gear icon located on the top right corner of the page. This will open our Tag Settings panel.

Tags Settings

Next, click Create Tag Group. In the white box on the left, type in the Tag Title, such as Clients, Issue, Position, or any other set of tags. In this example, let’s create clients. Once the Tag Title is set, click Save.

Clients Tag in Settings

Now, Clients will be an option available on every bill. To add our individual clients, let's go back to the Tag Settings panel. In the box to the right of clients, enter any clients you would like to tag bills for. Hitting the enter key on your keyboard will create a tag for your client. Be sure to click on Save when you are finished.

Clients Tag Populating in Settings

Using the steps above, we’ve created tags for Clients, Issues, and Position.

Now on any bill, we can quickly tag it for a client, for an issue, and for a position. We can also quickly remove a tag and add a new one.

Once bills have been tagged, you can use the Tag filter in Search to find bills you've tagged. Select a Tag, and only bills you have tagged accordingly will be shown.

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