The Bill Page
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The Bill Page is your resource for knowing all there is to know about any bill you may be interested in. On this page, you can read all available information about a bill, apply tags, and leave any notes that you would like to share, with colleagues within your workspace and externally in your reports.

Bill Page Header

In the bill page's header, you will find general information about the bill and its authors. This includes:

  • The bill's identifier and most recent title.

  • The bill's digest keys.

  • The legislative session that the bill is a part of.

  • A link to download the PDF version of the bill, directly from LegInfo.

  • A dropdown list of all authors and sponsors tied to the bill.

  • A dropdown menu for alert options to track the bill.

Authors Dropdown List

The authors list contains a full collection of all authors and sponsors behind a bill. To explore more authors, toggle the down arrow next to the author's name.

If you hover over the legislator's name and it is highlighted purple, you can access the bill author's information by clicking on their name. This will take you to a new page with the legislator's contact and staffer information.

The Legislator Page contains all the information that Abstract has on a specific legislator. This includes their district, phone number, room number, party, and role. If an email is displayed on the legislator page, you are able to click on the purple "Email" button on the right of the page to send an email to that legislator

You are also able to view the legislator's staffer contact information by clicking on the "Show Staffer Info" button, where you can view all of the legislator's staffers, their roles, and their emails.

Note: While the staffers on the legislator page are updated on a regular basis, the CA Leg Staffer Directory Quick Link offers the most updated and detailed entries of all staffers in both the Capitol and District Offices of each legislator.

Bill Info

  • The Bill Info tab offers a high-level view of the bill's progress within the legislature.

  • In this tab, you can access a full, updated action history of the bill as well as any votes that may have been held in a committee or on the floor.

  • For votes with bill events, you are also able to view more details of the vote by clicking on the "view vote details" button, where you will see a table of voters, roles, and stances.

  • Abstract displays the history and updated status of the bill alongside the votes so you can easily see the bill's life cycle in full detail.

Scrolling past the action and vote history on this tab, you will find the bill analyses section, a complete list of committee and floor analyses prepared for the bill, along with extracted data Abstract provides such as the registered list of support and opposition. You can download any of these analyses as PDFs.

Bill Text

The Bill Text tab displays the most recent version of the legislative counsel's digest and text. Old text is displayed in red strikethrough, and new language is in blue.

You can use the version dropdown menu at the top of this tab to switch between different versions of the bill, as shown below.

Note: For bills starting in the 2023-2024 legislative session, bill texts are formatted to display the amendments that it intends to make to a code section.

Today's Law as Amended

Much like the bill text tab, this tab displays the law as amended by the proposed bill. You can also scroll through versions of this text using the bill version dropdown at the top of the tab.

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