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September 11, 2023 - Analytics for Public Comments
September 11, 2023 - Analytics for Public Comments
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View Analytics for Public Comment Bill Lists

  • Users can now track metrics on bill lists they share for public comment

    • Comments / Views / Average Session Time

  • All comments and session timers are displayed on the View Analytics dashboard

Export Updates

  • Bill Info (Status history and Vote History, Bill Text, and Today's Law as Amended can all exported as a pdf directly from the bill card.

  • Users can now reorder the sections in PDF Export Templates

  • Users can now manually select which sections are included in Bill List Exports

Other Updates

  • Tracked bills now have indicators when viewed on an event's agenda

  • Users can now see attachments on notes without opening the note first.

  • Special session bills are now clearly marked with an X (eg: ABX - 1)

Bug Fixes

  • Bill version is now included in reports

  • Alerts tab recolored to be more consistent with rest of interface

  • Successfully resetting password will now correctly redirect user to login screen with a success message

  • Increased contrast on bill card text

  • Users can now select a single date (instead of a range) when searching for bills by date

  • Fixed issue where shortened summaries were cut off too soon

  • Tag titles are no longer being repeated when selecting tag filters while searching for bills

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