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June 29th, 2023 -- Public Comments, Excel Exports, and more...
June 29th, 2023 -- Public Comments, Excel Exports, and more...
Updated over a week ago

New "Public Comment" Access Level for Bill Lists

  • new access level called "Public Comment" added to Bill Lists

  • when selected, creates a password protected public view of your Bill Lists.

  • your members or clients can then enter the password and leave comments on bills as they see fit by entering their email, name, and password.

    • you will be able to view the comments within your workspace

  • pt. II of this release in the coming weeks will give you a dashboard where you can export all these comments for collection purposes, as well as insights to your Bill List and your member/clients' interaction with it.

New Export Option -- CSV

  • after clicking on the export button on a Bill List, you will see an "Export CSV" option available on the top right of the modal

  • clicking this will download a CSV of all the bills in your bill page, separated by section.

General Fixes and Modifications

Home Page/System Wide

  • renamed "calendar" tab to "daily file"

  • general bug fixes

  • notifications will now have a "Mark all as read" button that will mark all of your unread notifications

Bill Cards + Bill Page

  • added committee hearing times to calendar events on bill cards

  • re-wrote tags on bill cards to make them render faster and take up less memory in your browser

  • added "add to calendar" button on bill page

    • also added additional information for the calendar event

Library + Bill Lists

  • public Bill Lists will no longer have a "view with or without account" page before getting to the view-only page of the Bill List

  • updated sorting options for bill lists in the library, defaults to alphanumeric ascending

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