The Settings Page
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Your workspace's settings page, located on the left-hand sidebar, is the control panel for your account and team.


The Members tab shows you all seats that are currently active in your workspace. If you are the owner of your workspace, you are able to remove users from your workspace or update their roles.

Note: Currently, there is no difference in feature access between owners and admins of a workspace. The owner of your workspace is considered to be the person that signed your team's SaaS agreement. If you would like to add or remove users from your workspace, contact us at [email protected]


The Account tab displays your account's information. In this tab, you can change your name and password. Note that the password must meet Abstract's security criteria in order to be successfully reset.

Need to change your email? Contact us at [email protected].


The Workspace tab displays general information about your workspace. Currently, it displays the name of your workspace that you can edit to any name of your choosing.

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