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Lists on Abstract, also known as reports, can be used to translate your work into presentable data for your clients or stakeholders. Lists can be worked on by all members of your workspace and shared in multiple ways.

To create a Bill List from the Library page, simply click on the purple "Create New" button located on the top left corner of your page, and select "Bill List" from the dropdown menu. You will be navigated to the new List's page.

List Header

At the top of the page, you can fill in general information about the list including a title, description, and thumbnail.

Attaching a Thumbnail

To attach a thumbnail to your list, click on the page icon located at the top left corner of the page. Clicking on the icon will open your device's file directory where you can choose and upload a thumbnail for the list.

Attaching Files

The "Attach Files" button will enable you to attach a file of your choosing from your device to the list. Note that the maximum file size allowed by Abstract is 10MB.


To generate a printable PDF version of your list, click on the "Export" button in the top left corner of your screen. Note that the export process might take a few minutes depending on the size of your list, after which the PDF file will be downloaded onto your device.


Sharing allows you to provide a live link to your client who can view all changes and updates that happen to your list in real time. To share your list, click on the "Share" button to open the access level window.

List Sharing Window

All lists created in your workspace are private by default and are only available to you and your team. To obtain a live link of your list that you can share with clients, switch the list's access level from "Private" to "Shared". After selecting the "Shared" option, the window will expand to show you the list's live link that you can copy and paste. Revoke access at any time by simply toggling back to "Private".


Much like Notes on Abstract, you can discuss your Lists with your team using comments at the top of your list. These comments are only visible to members in your workspace.


The Bill List Sections are where you will input the information that combs through every bill to find the bills relevant to you and your clients. They operate as saved searches, allowing you to set a search criteria using the same filters on the Bill Search Page, which are run each time you open your list, ensuring that it contains the most up-to-date results.

Creating & Editing a Section

To create a new section in your Bill List, simply click on the "Add Section" button located in the center of the page. This button may also be at the bottom of your list if you already have existing sections in your list. Your list will then update to display a single empty section.

List With a New Section

After creating your section, first rename it by clicking on "Untitled Section" and typing like normal. You are then able to set the search criteria for the section by clicking on "Edit Settings", which will open a page with a search and several filters. Apply the search criteria. Make sure to click "Save."

The filters and searches operate similarly to the components on the Bill Search Page. However, sections are able to group bills that match the criteria by events or tags. Checking any of the boxes will group bills in your section based on what option you've selected.

Viewing Hearings in Lists

Use your Bill List to stay on top of upcoming committee hearings for the bills you care about. Click Edit Settings and select "Committee Hearing" or "Floor Session" and Save. Your List will now display upcoming hearings ahead of the corresponding bill, which you can add to your digital calendar.

Deleting a Section or List

To delete a section, simply navigate to the three dots located to the right of the section, and select the option to delete the component. To delete a List, do the same with the three dots located to the right of the screen above Comments.

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