The Bill Card

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  • While searching for bills, results will appear your screen in the form of a card. These cards contain the most important information on each bill, as well as your history of interaction with each of them:

    • The Red or Grey dot on the top left corner of every card indicates whether you have opened the bill or not. If the dot is red, then you have yet to open the bill. Bills that have been opened have a grey dot.

    • The identifier of the bill is to the right of the dot, followed the legislative session that the bill is a part of.

    • Below the session is the title of the bill.

    • The text to the right of the compass icon shows the latest action that has been taken on the bill.

    • The text to the right of the person icon shows the name of the author behind the bill. If a bill has multiple authors, then the number following the displayed author's name shows the total number of authors behind the bill.

    • The track button lets you to quickly track a bill, allowing you to get alerts whenever the bill has had a new action performed on it. Alerts for tracked bills will populate in the "Alerts" sidebar to the left of your screen, as shown below.


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