The Keyword Table
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The Keyword Bar allows you to enter keywords, identifiers, or phrases and returns the bills that match any information you've set. You may leverage this tool in multiple ways:

  1. Keywords and Keyword Combinations

    • searching for housing will return any bills that contain the term "housing" in its title or text. However, if you are looking for specific mutations of the term, you may chain together terms using ANDs or ORs, such as housing AND policy, housing OR house, etc.

  2. Specific Bill Identifiers

    • Already know what bill you are looking for? Simply enter the identifier and Abstract will return that bill. For example, entering AB 1 or ab1 will return just a single bill, AB 1, that you are able to click into and explore.

  3. Bill Numbers

    • If you only know the number of a bill that you may be interested in, entering its number will return all bills in the current session that match that number. For example, entering 644 will return AB 644, SB 644, and so on.

  4. Groups of Bills

    • If you would like the search to return specific bills that you have in mind, chaining identifiers with ORs will achieve that, such as AB 1 OR AB 2 OR AB 3... or AB 1, AB 2, AB 3, ....

  5. Bill Ranges

    • If you would like to group intent bills at the start of the session, then searching for ranges of bill identifier numbers will allow you to narrow down all introduced bills to the collection that you care about, such as SB 100-220.

  6. Code Sections

    • To search for bills based on a code section it may be trying to change, enter the code abbreivation followed by either a section number or a range of section numbers for Abstract to return all bills that match that criteria. For example, GOV 123.4 will return all bills in the selected session trying to amend section 123.4 of the Government Code, while PEN 1000-1500 will return all bills trying to amend any section between 1000 and 1500 of the Penal Code.

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