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The Home Page

Abstract's central hub

Updated over a week ago

When you first log into your Abstract Workspace, you are greeted with the Home page, a collection of resources that you can use to get your day started.

Quick Access

The most frequently used functions and pages on Abstract can be found in the Quick Access section of the Home Page.

External Links

External Links are a collection of links that our users need for everyday work. There are currently 4 External Links that you can leverage to get your day started:

  1. CA Position Letters Portal

    • If you've written a position letter on behalf of your client and are looking to submit it, simply click on the quick link where you will be taken to the CA Legislature's Position Letters Portal.

  2. Senate Daily File

    • This quick link will take you directly to the Senate Daily File.

  3. Assembly Daily File

    • Much like the external link above, this link will take you to the Assembly Daily File.

  4. CA Leg Staffer Directory

    • This link will take you to a Google Sheets document containing Abstract's list of every legislator's staffer contact list. Make sure to check back regularly as it is frequently updated with each staffer's name, role, policy issue, phone number, and email address.

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